Bubbles and trouble…

Nealia has been quite the mischievous little monkey lately! She snuck into the bathroom while I was getting dressed and got into the toilet paper! We couldn’t help but laugh because it was adorable, but man she is on the move! She’s been pulling herself up on things for a bit now, but now she lets go to try to grab onto something else. Sometimes this turns out successful and others well, she falls and bumps her little noggin. Rarely does she cry, she just looks up at me and sometimes laughs or gives me a look of bewilderment-it’s pretty endearing and cute! She is such a little bruiser haha! Tough like her mama.



She also snuck the remote that she knows she isn’t supposed to have. Daddy quite often steals it away from her, but this time she got it fast and looked over at him and started giggling. It was quite hilarious and she definitely knew what she was doing. In this case we had to let her play with it for a little bit. I hit the Aux button so she wouldn’t change channels or the volume. We don’t really let her watch TV or kids shows quite yet, but we also don’t care if the TV is on and she glances or stares for short moments. I know this is s a pretty controversial topic these days with all the technology we have access too, but we don’t stress over it and if she happens to catch some screen time or wants to play with my phone oh well!

She really enjoys watching videos of herself or other babies and for the most part loses interest after a short amount of time anyways. I recently downloaded an app that’s called peek a boo barn, which is just a farm scene and when you click on the barn door and animal appears and a cute kids voice says the animals name. She loved it for about 3 minutes and then didn’t care. It’s a nice back up option when traveling or changing her when she’s being difficult. And then from a momma’s forum recomendation I downloaded a bubble app where all these bubbles appear and then you click the screen to pop them. She loved this as well and it inspired me to go out and get some real old fashioned bubbles for her! We had a blast and she was in awe! It’s now our new favorite thing to do!










And she is just so in awe when dad plays guitar! It’s so much fun to watch her interact!




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