18 months of monkey madness! 

Wow! Where did time go! Nealia is a year and a half!! I can’t even believe time has flown this fast! Here is some updates on our little sweet girl! 
Weight: 25lb 4oz, 81st percentile for weight 

Height: 34 inches or almost 3ft!! She is in the 97th percentile for height! 

-toilet training progress: this has been on and off. Some weeks she interested others she doesn’t care. After the holidays we’re gonna try to spend the hours we are at home without diapers and really give it a go! 

-she is just about ready to transition to a toddler bed, so again after the holidays were going to switch her over! Wish us luck! 

-she is only getting a bottle at night, but this is another thing we’re working on transitioning over in the new year (can you tell we have tons of resolutions haha) 

-loves making animal noises and can identify and say about 8 animal names including flamingo!! So adorable

-she loves her little brown Lego bunny or “budny” (it’s hidden in her bib pocket) 

-Blows nose by herself, cleans face 

-loves baths and getting herself dressed 

-is obsessed with lotions and Chapstick and my makeup brushes

-loves giving and getting massages

-likes to brush her own hair or mom and dads. 

-loves loves loves books and reading…it’s her favorite pastime 

– baby Emma–she’s such a good mama to her and all of her stuffies. She loves rocking them and covering them with a blanket while rubbing their back and singing( this is our bedtime routine with her that she is mimicking) 

-she can say just about any word you ask her too, not perfect English though haha! She knows and can point to over 25 words maybe even more than that now. 

-Loves any kind of art, painting especially

-she loves to say no even if she means yes! 

-loves being outside and in nature. Her teachers have even told us that she has a very strong interest in nature studies and art. 

-Loves pasta, macaroni and cheese, pizza, any cheeses, any fruit…loves smoothies and making them with me! Not so keen on the veggies although if I sneak spinach or zucchini in she usually eats it. Meat can be tough too but she does eat turkey and chicken pretty well.

-She is so interested in chores around the house and helping me clean and cook and fold laundry. Sometimes she’s not the best helper but it’s adorable! 

-In 2t clothes and size 5 diapers and size 6 shoe (she’s been in these sizes since about 16 months) she is a growing girl!! 


Christmas shopping list  for the Nealster 

 Okay we my have gotten a little crazy this year, but oh man I want to get her everything!! There are so many cool things that we have picked out for her already and I’m trying to keep it to the minimum because kids really don’t need that many toys! They have wild imaginations that toys can suppress, but these were must haves! Plus, she really doesn’t have that many toys now…and we need to do some weeding out and storing away of the old ones that she doesn’t play with anymore or has outgrown. So, yes I’m using that as an excuse to spoil her just a bit!! And it’s her first real Christmas where she understands the idea of gifts! 

The Waldorf rainbow rocker…I’ve eyed this up for quite some time! She will love it! It’s great for balance and for climbing, 2 of her favorite things and it has multiple uses and is soemthing she will grow with and have for a long time!


This is a must! She loves art time and needs a space to create!

And perfect for our tidy little tot . She loves to help around the house but our broom is way to big for her, dad also got her a cute wood vacuum that actually picks up special stuff that it comes with! 

And a little bed for Emma!   

This is great for shapes and color learning and for her fine gross motor skills!
A cute wood makeup set because she is obsessed with all my stuff and because she’s been born into the Aveda salon life!   

There’s a few other little things we picked out too and an awesome bean bag chair for her to read on and cozy up on in the living room! Dad got her some books and a pretend remote and phone, hopefully that will distract her from ours! Gigi and Papa got her an adorable wood table and chairs for the rec room and Mee Maw and Papa got her a kids tablet! She is a spoiled little monkey this year, but it is what it is! Once you become a parent you realize all the things that you can’t help doing even though you say you won’t haha! 

So excited to have everything set up by the tree this year and watch her eyes fill with joy when she comes out Christmas morning! 

Thursday Fun!

Usually our Thursday’s are fun filled days for the most part, but today was just an overall great day! We hung out this morning cuddling on the couch with some milk and Sesame Street-Nealia has taken a liking to more than just curious George lately thank goodness although I do enjoy watching it! And then we played a bit with some fun toys and read books and got dressed for the day! 

The little cutie in her sweater coat from Gigi! It finally fits her!

 We had to run to target and sadly when I ask Nealia if she wants to go to target she gets pretty excited and can even say it! We obviously go there often! It’s a great one stop shop and they have great deals for her snack stuff and food and other necessities. Anyways, after that we hit up library story time and had so much fun and learned about shadows! After, we made shadow puppets which were cool! 


And we picked out some new books and played for awhile in the play area! We picked some books that focused on numbers, shapes and colors. We’ve been working on these things lately with some of her wood stacking toys and stringing beads and she just seems to be interested! 

Then we went to the gym! This was the first time I’ve brought her since I joined last week. I usually go to the 24 hr fitness right next to the salon after work before I and pick her up, but I want to be able to go Thursday’s too! She had a blast! They had a whole kids play room with supervisors with mats and tumbling stuff and pretty much an indoor gym for kids! The teacher lady said she had so much fun.

 After that we met Dad for lunch at a bbq place called Mo’s and Nealia loved it. She has added “Mo’sss” into her vocabulary now! She went crazy for the Mac n cheese there, but literally was insane about banana pudding. I’m going to have to make some for her for special treats! Check out her going to town on some pudding! 


 And then I had to add in this adorable little Indian vest that she made in class this week! So cute!  

Life Lately…

I missed some of these in my last posts…just a few from life lately.
Nealia reading to Baby Emma…she loves to read and pulls out a billion books at a time. She sometimes won’t let us read to her and wants to do it by herself.    

Her room all destroyed. We recently moved all her upstairs play toys from the living room to her room because of the exact pictures below…I can close the door to her room not to my living room haha!   
Fun gross motor skill activity…straws and a strainer…who needs toys, right?  

Multi tasking…balance ball and some light reading…this is her new favorite reading spot!   

Practicing her sweet board moves! She had a blast playing on my bosu ball!  
And just because…my mom aka Gigi sent me this and we couldn’t believe how bald she used to be. The small amount of hair she has now seems to be a full head in comparison! But, look at that sweet adorable face! And those eyes and little button nose…I want to eat her up!   

Halloween, Trick or Treat and Go Pack Go!! 

 Ugh this never posted! Anyways, a little late, but better than never! A little glimpse on a fun Halloween weekend! 
Her school Halloween party and parade!   

My angry little Eskimo    

First time trick or treating…she nailed it and was a natural!   She was so funny going up to the doors and saying “tick teat” and grabbing handfuls of candy!   
We had so much fun!  
My little packer babe! 
Bummed about that dang Packer loss to the Broncos!   



And because dad said so… Go Broncos I guess   




The last few week in review 

I have been pretty bad with keeping up with Nealia’s blog for the past few months, but I’m trying really hard to take the small amount of time it takes to stay up to date. It’s important to me that she will one day read this as her baby book! Although not everything from the beginning is there…from the moment we brought  our little warrior princess home form the hospital our lives dramatically changed and it’s been non stop amazing ever since! Our little bug is the light of my life and I look forward to each day with her! Here’s a glimpse of the past few weeks of our lives, nothing too exciting, just life. But really the simplest of moments seem to be the best.

Neal’s and her new skis from daddy! Can’t wait to hit the slopes with her!

Hanging with friends for some Auburn football fun! Nealia and uncle Micheal entertaining us with their new party tricks!  

Daddy rides on a Saturday morning are the best! 

We had our first chilly snowy day!   

Making smoothies aka “Moothies”…she is obsessed and we make them almost everyday! 


Nealia in her adorable outfit that daddy picked up on his own at target! 

Reading at school 

Umm..this girl is truly my child…she is drinking cheese folks haha! She has some Wisco blood for sure!

Reading to baby Coco  
Building “sherbet” the snowman at school 


Enjoying some live music …she was so into it!

Our first snowfall of the season! 

2nd, much bigger snowfall of the season!

   She looked so cute in her new snowsuit from Gigi…my little Patagonia girl. 
She was a little apprehensive at first, but she’ll grow to love it. 

In awe of the snow…truly mesmerized   

 Sensory Play 

Even more so lately Nealia has been interested in new ways to be stimulated  and fun new ways to play. I’ve been trying to keep her curiosity alive and I love showing her new things on a consistent basis! Here’s some of our latest play adventures!
Yay for play doh! Of course she had to sample this new stuff!   

Playing with baby Emma! She is quite the mommy! She is so sweet with her and takes her for walks, feeds her food and reads her books and ticks her in for bed with a blanket while rubbing her back and singing to her…heart melt! She clearly loves our bedtime routine we do with her!       


This is my fav one!   

Felt food! This is a great sensory toy and the creativity is endless!      

Painting with a pumpkin at school!
Stickers…Nealia is obsessed!  

Painting, coloring and experimenting! We love our art days!  


Her play area downstairs with her very own art gallery! I try to rotate new art pieces she brings home! She has some really cool ones that I’m going to put together and draw on top of to do a mini collaboration! Can’t wait to see the outcome! 

Her music corner!! She loves her piano and loves playing with the guitars! She has her own in her room that she plays with as well, but of course she prefers the ones that are not hers! She also loves the harmonica and singing into the microphone! This little girl loves music and dancing! 

Fall Family Fun in Wisconsin

 Better late than never! I’ve been horrible about keeping up with Nealia’s blog! Life just gets busy! Here’s some photos from our visit back home for my Aunt Wanda and Uncle Ed’s 60th wedding anniversary! We had such a fun time with family and I’m so grateful to have everyone in our lives! Nealia is a very loved and very lucky little girl! From pumpkin farm, to Wisco bloody Mary’s to a beautiful fall day at Lapham Peak to celebrate Wanda and Ed and Learning about even more of our French creole heritage!! I Loved seeing all the old pics!  It was a memorable weekend!  




It’s Finally Feeling Like Fall!! 

It’s finally sort of feeling like fall here in Colorado! The mornings and nights have been much cooler so the sweaters and boots have come out of our closets! And I even did a small bit of fall decorating. (I’m not a huge decorator when it comes to holidays-I usually keep it pretty simple). I’ll probably do some more halloweenish stuff the week of and we will also carve pumpkins that weekend to put out on Halloween! (If we do it now the animals eat them) 

We had a fun and busy weekend so it flew by fast! Friday night we went to pizza in Golden with some of our friends and their 2 boys Andrew and Parker. Nealia had a blast hanging out with her friends and the kids pretty much trashed the place…food everywhere–just utter craziness, but it was fun. We continued the party over at their house and Neals lasted to almost 11am until she crashed on the car ride home. She was a little hungover the next day from her late night haha and took a couple different naps throughout the day! (We don’t keep a strict schedulefor her  napping, but usually she’ll take a 2 hour nap once a day around 12ish.) but we have a busy life and naps are hard to plan and schedule so usually we don’t care when she sleeps as long as she gets some at some point! Nealia is an awesome sleeper and gets a good 10-12 hours per night, so I don’t fret too much when her schedule gets off a bit…kids are kids and everyday is so different! 

Saturday I had to work so it was Daddy day! Brandon took her on a long and steep hike up at Redrocks! He said she slept some of the way in the stroller and then they both crashed out when they got home! That night we had dinner and halloween crafts planned with our friends! We had a great time hanging out, drinking and eating and doing some cute and adorable Pinterest crafts that all of us had been wanting to do! They all turned out cute and we had fun doing them! Nealia loved painting her pumpkin and getting messy with paint! She was way too cute! 

The little painter    
Seriously her face..she loved that silver paint! 

  Mummy mason jars and lace candles! Super easy crafts found on Pinterest!   
Grey, black and white pumpkin painting…I love them and they give a different feel than your normal orange. 


Neal’s adorable little painted pumpkin! 

Here’s Some of the fall decor I put up this weekend! Man, I love target and craft stores! I would still like to get a cool fall centerpiece for our dining table, but haven’t found what I want yet. 


And today we went to a nice little brunch and did a short River hike in Morrison! It was a perfect fall day and Nealia had fun finding leaves on the ground and was mesmerized by the river. We loved picking leaves to put in the water and we watched them float down the river swirling all over the place. I could barely get her to leave!