My sweet girl is officially Potty Trained!! 

Thanks to Gigi aka my Mom—my first week back to work she got Nealia to really start going potty on the potty chair!  She hasn’t worn a diaper all week and I can’t be more proud! What a perfect Mother’s Day present, right? Nealia has gone on and off with interest in the potty, but then she would hate it and then love it…I wouldn’t say it’s been a battle I’ve just been letting her progress on her own without any pressure! 

So, I’m so proud of her and how great she’s doing. She only wears a pull up-which we call underwear when we go somewhere or to bed, but she’s still great about telling us when she has to go! She has a little insert that we take for the toilet when we go out to places. 

Her rewards are stickers on her princess potty crown, m and m’s in plastic Easter eggs (because she is obsessed) and little random cheap trinkets. She really doesn’t really even ask for the treats everytime anymore. She just loves the encouragement and love we give her when she goes. She’s had a couple little accidents but I always reassure her that it’s okay! 

Thanks Gigi for getting her started! I’m a proud Mama today! And when she starts school again in June they’ll keep up the effort for us…the goal is to have her fully potty trained by June, which it’s safe to say she already is! 


Easter Weekend! 




Meet Rosey the Fisheee

Nealia’s first pet…Rosey the fish! She loves this little fish and enjoys feeding her every day! *note: in this pic there is also a blue fish named Maizy, but we had to return Maizy to the pet store Bessie she tried to beat up Rosey😁 and the fish lady reassured me that 2 female Beta fish could live together…not so much!   

Easter Crafts!

We had fun this week getting ready for Easter this Sunday. We did a fun little spring handprint project! Super easy and Nealia loves to trace her hands and feet so it was perfect! 

We’re getting ready for Gigi’s Easter visit and can’t wait to dye Easter eggs and do an easter egg hunt! I’m going to put Playdoh, some money for Nealias piggy bank and some m &m’s and jelly beans in little plastic eggs and hide them around the house and some outside! Should be fun to see her search for them! I’d like to make a carrot cake or maybe some carrot cake muffins-I’m looking for a good healthy recipe right now on Pinterest that I’ll share if I actually find the time to make them!   

Then I saw a cool idea on pinterest for adorable floral bunny ears!  This is how they turned out! I love them! Bunny ears were $1 from Target and I had all these flowers from projects in the past for baby headbands!            

The lovely models wearing the bunny ears!         

Looking forward to a fun Easter filled weekend! (And getting some snowboarding in with all this snow we got here!!) 

Little Miss Smarty Pants 

I had thought I posted this awhile back, but I’ve been pretty behind on posts these days. Life gets busy and I’ve been living in the moment more and more these days. It’s been nice to reflect though on all the memories we’ve created and put them into words on her blog. 

I wanted to do a 21 month update on Nealia last month and all the little milestones she’s hit, but time slipped away and here we are in her 22nd month! Crazy! So, that’s what this post is dedicated to. I probably forgot a million things, but I’m trying to remember all the little things she does each day! Time just flies by! 

-she knows know left and right hand and feet! We’ve been practicing for a few weeks and she can tell you which is which!

-can halfway dress herself

-gets socks and shoes on 

-enjoys taking care of her babies and playing in her kitchen (little Betty homemaker)

-loves loves play doh

-loves to be outside and loves to hike-we did a fun hike at red rocks last month with friends and she insisted on walking every part of the way. She climbed little bluffs and hills and just loved every minute of it. 

-playing at the park is by far her favorite thing right now

-she loves to be in the kitchen and watches or helps me cook

-we love making smoothies together too–she still calls them “Moothies”!

 -knows colors and most basic shapes

-can count to 10 with my help!

-knows how old she will be in June for her bday! The big “2”

-can relay a story to you…this blows my mind–she recalls any event and retells it in short 3-4 word sentences! It’s crazy! She watches a kids movie and then will recite the story after! 

-speaks in 3-4 word sentences

-so independent–she always says “no no Nealia do” for everything in this really funny voice! 

-loves to sing and dance and play all her instruments!

-all of a sudden in love with her talking Elmo-he goes everywhere with us!

-I’ve missed a bunch most likely but that’s what I can remember for now! 

–stop growing up so fast sweet little girl! You’re such an angel and a gift to be around each day…you’re truly my sunshine in this life!! (Love, Your Mama)

These pics are pretty old, but still some good ones!   

My favorite tiny hiking buddy!

This past Saturday Nealia and I had so much fun on our little hike together at Redrocks! She has truly become my hiking buddy! We’ve done this trail before and Nealia is really loving it! She pretty much hikes the entire the time..we probably did about 3 miles! The last 5 minutes I had to carry her…I forgot the Ergo! I’m looking to invest in a real hiking pack I can put her in! I’d like to get one she can have for the next few years since we plan on doing much more hiking and camping this spring and summer! Here’s some fun pics from the day!!