Week in Review! 

Now that I’m home with Nealia for awhile I decided to do a weekly blog post on our fun we have together! I’m not sure how long I get to be home with her so I’m going to enjoy every single moment of it! 

I’ve been trying to create a little bit of structure each day with a nice morning routine with some morning yoga and stretches, breakfast and some PBS kids. Then we jump into some playtime where she does whatever she would like inside or out–playing in her kitchen and with her babies or painting or doing art in her art corner or playing outside with her water table. We try to read, do some educational play-right now we’re working on numbers, shapes, Abc’s and doing color refreshers because she knows them all already! Then we go do an activity: library story time a couple times a week, the children’s museum or we meet up with friends at the park or go for walks. After her nap its pretty much playtime again. Throughout the day we listen to music! Our favorite is the Raffi station on Pandora! Nealia knows a lot of the songs from story time and we sing and dance along! Every day is totally different and we don’t really keep a set schedule at all, but I try to fit all of these things in somehow somewhere haha! 

Here’s a little glimpse at our week this week! 

 Our favorite book of the week! This is a great one to teach basic color theory to kids! Nealia loves it! Great pick at the library! ( we’ve actually checked this out numerous times, so I should probably just buy it)   

We’ve been practicing our shapes, colors and Abc’s and numbers! 

Healthy breakfast! We make protein smoothies everyday with almond butter and frozen bananas and also protein veggie powder! She loves them! 

Brushing them teeth! She loves brushing time! We try to do it morning and night–sometimes we forget:)   


Hammock made from her old boba wrap! Awesome Pinterest idea   




Downstairs play area! We supped  up the VW Van with her old crib mattress! We ended up ordering her a twin bed instead of using the crib conversion…she kept falling out-she moves around a tons and it’s just too small!   


Silly time!   

Wearing her babies…adorable   

Fun at the Childrens museum with our buddy Lillian!  

Forgot about this wood pony made in Mexico that I  got her when I was away in the mountains! I wanted to bring her back a few little presents to make her feel special! 

    Bubble beard!


Happy St Pattys day! We went to lunch at an Irish pub downtown and met our friends there! We danced to Irish music and ate some yummy Irish food! We had a blast celebrating our Irish heritage! Nealia has tons of Irish in her and her entire name is pretty Irish!   

Wearing the hat that my great GMa Omalley knit for me when I was a baby! There is also a sweater that zips that matches! I love that I get to pass this down to her!

Sweet snuggles! I love that she is still so snugly and falls asleep on me!  

Morning yoga poses!
Wood blocks galore!  

Snow day! Movies and popcorn!  


Easter bunny ears! These were a steal for $1 at target! I’m gonna get a few more and decorate them with flowers! They’ll be fun after the holiday to have as dress up props!    

Trucker hat and aviators…just like her mama! 

She insisted on wearing them home!    
 Here is the inspiration for the bunny ears!   







Some Vday love


A sweet little glimpse on our celebration of love!! What says I love you more than cookies and crafts, right? 

I love this little sweet monkey so much!!



Our little fish 

We went to Country Springs water park during our visit in Wisco and Nealia just loved every second of it (well except for the huge big slide I took her down with me-she freaked out a bit haha) every other moment she had a blast even after getting a bloody skinned knee in the pool-she didn’t even seem to care! We played, went down the small slides and floated down the lazy river (her favorite). She just cried and cried when it was time to say goodbye to the pool! Last summer we had a blast at our neighborhood public pool, but somce she’s much older she enjoyed the water even more! This little monk has no fear and would just jump in the water like she knows how to swim (scary)! She literally fought me a couple times–squirming out of my arms to try to swim…So I’ll be honest I let her do it once and down she went-let’s just say she let mommy hold her in the water the rest of the time. Good thing we start swim lessons next month, she will love it and it will be perfect timing to enjoy the pool this summer! and then in May were doing tumbling with her, I have a feeling she’s gonna love that as well!   

Our Sweet Wisconsin Visit

We had such a blast visiting family in Wisconsin! It was hard to come back after being around family for so long! A huge thank you to my family, especially Gigi for taking care of Nealia while I played with my friends in the mountains for a snowbiard trip! We miss everyone so much!! Here’s a few of our favorites from our visit and a few from our first week back home! We’ve been busy little bees this past month and there are too many cute pics not to share!


Her very own seat on the airplane! We love when flights aren’t full! 

Our styling cousin Bailey!  

Walking daisy dog!

Visit with old friends…she loved Kylee!


Just painting her nails…its washable nail polish! Such a great idea! 

Playing with her “guys”.   

Her cousin Sam..she just loves him!


Fun at the waterpark 

Watching for the turkeys and deer in my parents backyard 

Recreating the lion king with uncle nick

Adorbs!she insisted on wearing the pink sandals…good thing for great weather in Denver.

Hanging on the patio! 

Big girl on the swing 

That face    

Climbing girl
Trying on her new suit from Boppy…aka great GMa sandee


Stroller jogs to the park 

Walking baby jojo 

Parenting 101…thoughts and discoveries. 

A lot of parenting advice articles have popped up on my Facebook newsfeed lately and it inspired me to write this post and really think about my parenting “style”. I guess I am an instinctive style parent…not sure if that category of parenting really exists, but I purely parent off of my instincts, past experiences and knowledge of life and children etc. Now, I’m not saying that I never read articles or I don’t look things up when I’m stumped on soemthing Nealia did. But, really I kind of go with the flow and figure it out as things arise. I don’t read too much or too little and I don’t believe one method is the best. There are some that I feel more drawn too and connected too such as the idea of a Montessori approach in education and the Madga Gerber approach and RIE parenting has some great things attached to it as well. I mostly just try to stay calm and be rational with dicsipline. I try not to have too much structure..routine yes, but children are different every day and you have to be flexible to that. If Nealia doesn’t want to eat I don’t force her too, but she has to try things and sit down and have dinner as a family-on most days this is! Her daily nap varies each day…as long as she eats a good one in, whether it be in a car or in her bed as long as it’s at least 1.5 hours-usually it’s longer–she’s good to go. It naturally falls between 12pm-2pm starting time for the nap, but it depends on the day and how early she wakes up. We start the bedtime routine on most normal days around 8pm, but when we’re traveling or busy it fluctuates. (We’re trying to get back on some kind of loose schedule since we returned from a very long visit to Wisconsin). Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that we’re flexible. I want Nealia to know that when she looks back at this blog when she’s older that her mom wasn’t trying to overdue it to make her a little robot- that I let her be a kid and enjoy life and to find happiness in the little things! I think with all of the access these days to social media and just access to any piece of info you want that parents feel like they have to do everything perfect and speak to their kids perfectly. We have that pressure to be the best we can be and parents read all the books they can get their hands on and take classes on how to be a great parent–but what happened to good old fashioned figure it out, do what feels right…we’re living beings and naturally we instinctively react to things…we need to trust ourselves more on what’s right for us and our children and not read too much into all these new fad parenting ideas!…it just isn’t natural to me…sometimes you want to laugh when they say something inappropriate or repeat a bad word or when they do something naughty you want to yell or not use “polite” words or the perfect sentence to discipline them. I guess it goes back to the old adage everything in moderation.  

But, I did stumble upon this article awhile back and it hit close to home. I’ve been using it to try to understand Nealia better and really “get” her. Knowing what type of child she is has been so useful for everything in parenting and educating her and helps me develop my own instinctive parenting style. Here is the link…Enjoy! 

The 4 Types

By the way Nealia is hands down a “determined” child haha! (Like I ddidnt know this already since the day she was born😀)

And this is just plain perfect…the don’t give a fuck what people think parenting method! (Pardon my French) 


Nealia is officially a “big girl” now!

From a big girl bed to starting to transition into potty training, our sweet little girl is getting to be so grown up! She has been so much fun and entertaining lately! Her silly little personality shines through everyday and always puts a smile on my face! She is such a little sponge and is so smart! She knows almost all of her colors and we’re working on shapes and Abc’s. Everyday she picks up on something new and she just blows my mind! Here’s a few pics of life lately and of course her new big girl bed setup! 


Sleep Regression…18 months is the worst

Ugh Nealia has had a bad week of night wakings and waking up way too early or resisting going to bed. She has been an awesome sleeper since about 5 months and now she is out of control. I will say that we had been traveling before Christmas and this always offsets her sleep and we just took away her baby bottle at night. I’m crossing my fingers that these things are making it worse, because 3 or 4 am  wakings has this mama crabby and exhausted. 

Please be a short phase like her other sleep regression periods.

This is her standing in her crib waiting for us to come get her…I’ve been  better at resisting her adorable face and sweet  charm.


A couple good ones from Hibachi tonight 

Go Broncos!   
And her new fav hangout spot, the pantry. She goes in their and closes the door on herself and will sit for a minute and then yells mama or dada…goofball.