My sweet girl is officially Potty Trained!! 

Thanks to Gigi aka my Mom—my first week back to work she got Nealia to really start going potty on the potty chair!  She hasn’t worn a diaper all week and I can’t be more proud! What a perfect Mother’s Day present, right? Nealia has gone on and off with interest in the potty, but then she would hate it and then love it…I wouldn’t say it’s been a battle I’ve just been letting her progress on her own without any pressure! 

So, I’m so proud of her and how great she’s doing. She only wears a pull up-which we call underwear when we go somewhere or to bed, but she’s still great about telling us when she has to go! She has a little insert that we take for the toilet when we go out to places. 

Her rewards are stickers on her princess potty crown, m and m’s in plastic Easter eggs (because she is obsessed) and little random cheap trinkets. She really doesn’t really even ask for the treats everytime anymore. She just loves the encouragement and love we give her when she goes. She’s had a couple little accidents but I always reassure her that it’s okay! 

Thanks Gigi for getting her started! I’m a proud Mama today! And when she starts school again in June they’ll keep up the effort for us…the goal is to have her fully potty trained by June, which it’s safe to say she already is! 


2 thoughts on “My sweet girl is officially Potty Trained!! 

  1. Boppy is soooo proud of her little Nealia! Boppy is very happy that she is potty trained! And im sure that mama is too! ive looked at the the blogs and re looked at them again! Boppy really enjoys them so much! I am happy to say I will b seeing Nealia on Tuesday evening! Cant wait! Boppy loves u Nealia! And Boppy loves mama too!


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