Easter Crafts!

We had fun this week getting ready for Easter this Sunday. We did a fun little spring handprint project! Super easy and Nealia loves to trace her hands and feet so it was perfect! 

We’re getting ready for Gigi’s Easter visit and can’t wait to dye Easter eggs and do an easter egg hunt! I’m going to put Playdoh, some money for Nealias piggy bank and some m &m’s and jelly beans in little plastic eggs and hide them around the house and some outside! Should be fun to see her search for them! I’d like to make a carrot cake or maybe some carrot cake muffins-I’m looking for a good healthy recipe right now on Pinterest that I’ll share if I actually find the time to make them!   

Then I saw a cool idea on pinterest for adorable floral bunny ears!  This is how they turned out! I love them! Bunny ears were $1 from Target and I had all these flowers from projects in the past for baby headbands!            

The lovely models wearing the bunny ears!         

Looking forward to a fun Easter filled weekend! (And getting some snowboarding in with all this snow we got here!!) 


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