Our Sweet Wisconsin Visit

We had such a blast visiting family in Wisconsin! It was hard to come back after being around family for so long! A huge thank you to my family, especially Gigi for taking care of Nealia while I played with my friends in the mountains for a snowbiard trip! We miss everyone so much!! Here’s a few of our favorites from our visit and a few from our first week back home! We’ve been busy little bees this past month and there are too many cute pics not to share!


Her very own seat on the airplane! We love when flights aren’t full! 

Our styling cousin Bailey!  

Walking daisy dog!

Visit with old friends…she loved Kylee!


Just painting her nails…its washable nail polish! Such a great idea! 

Playing with her “guys”.   

Her cousin Sam..she just loves him!


Fun at the waterpark 

Watching for the turkeys and deer in my parents backyard 

Recreating the lion king with uncle nick

Adorbs!she insisted on wearing the pink sandals…good thing for great weather in Denver.

Hanging on the patio! 

Big girl on the swing 

That face    

Climbing girl
Trying on her new suit from Boppy…aka great GMa sandee


Stroller jogs to the park 

Walking baby jojo 


2 thoughts on “Our Sweet Wisconsin Visit

  1. We miss our Jenny and Little Nealia! Its to quiet around here! Nealia is a joy to b around! She is so full of life and investigation! Cant wait until they come back! Love my granddaughter and great granddaughter!


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