Our little fish 

We went to Country Springs water park during our visit in Wisco and Nealia just loved every second of it (well except for the huge big slide I took her down with me-she freaked out a bit haha) every other moment she had a blast even after getting a bloody skinned knee in the pool-she didn’t even seem to care! We played, went down the small slides and floated down the lazy river (her favorite). She just cried and cried when it was time to say goodbye to the pool! Last summer we had a blast at our neighborhood public pool, but somce she’s much older she enjoyed the water even more! This little monk has no fear and would just jump in the water like she knows how to swim (scary)! She literally fought me a couple times–squirming out of my arms to try to swim…So I’ll be honest I let her do it once and down she went-let’s just say she let mommy hold her in the water the rest of the time. Good thing we start swim lessons next month, she will love it and it will be perfect timing to enjoy the pool this summer! and then in May were doing tumbling with her, I have a feeling she’s gonna love that as well!   


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