Sleep Regression…18 months is the worst

Ugh Nealia has had a bad week of night wakings and waking up way too early or resisting going to bed. She has been an awesome sleeper since about 5 months and now she is out of control. I will say that we had been traveling before Christmas and this always offsets her sleep and we just took away her baby bottle at night. I’m crossing my fingers that these things are making it worse, because 3 or 4 am  wakings has this mama crabby and exhausted. 

Please be a short phase like her other sleep regression periods.

This is her standing in her crib waiting for us to come get her…I’ve been  better at resisting her adorable face and sweet  charm.


A couple good ones from Hibachi tonight 

Go Broncos!   
And her new fav hangout spot, the pantry. She goes in their and closes the door on herself and will sit for a minute and then yells mama or dada…goofball. 


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