Home before the Holidays

We decided to go home the weekend before Christmas this year because of price of tickets and just the craziness of traveling during holidays! We had such a memorable trip and Nealia enjoyed every minute of it. We spent a couple days in the Chicago to hit up all the holiday musts in the city. 

We got into Chicago really late and stayed at my friends house. Nealia took over rather quickly and made herself at home by breaking a candle, getting into lipstick and yogurt. 

 We checked out the Macy Windows displays:

All bundled up!

And then went to see the Santa at Macy’s!

Let’s say Nealia wasn’t a fan…she kept saying “no, no”!!

That night we went to the Lincoln park zoo lights! It was pretty cool and free and they served mulled wine! 

Our view from the hotel room:

Getting into more yogurt   
Hotel bathtubs are the most fun!   

The next day papa Mike drove down and met us for lunch and my friend katie came up on the train to meet me too. We stayed overnight in Chicago and my mom and dad took Nealia back so I could spend time with friends and have a fun night out! Before lunch we hit up the German Christkindl market downtown which was fun, but really crowded!


Bum pigeon fire pit   
My friends Tim and katie and I took a walk to millennium park and hung by the “bean” we also went to the art museum, I hadn’t been there since I was 18. We pretty much had a ferris buellers day off day and it was awesome. 

 On Saturday I headed back to Wisconsin for our family holiday get together! Nealia was spiked with gifts and I had so much fun hanging out with family.

Sunday we had the Janecke Chrismas party and Nealia got to hang out with her papa Rick. it was so great to see that side of the family!

After the party we went back to Gigis to bake Christmas cookies and make a gingerbread house!

 Drinking from the boot from the  German Christmas market 

And after a crazy Jan packed long weekend we are back at the airport. We had a little Airport picnic, our flight was delayed 2 hours and then they lost the entire flights bags and failed to tell us until after we had all day ther for over an hour. They luckily delivered our bags today!  We didn’t get home until almost 2:30pm! 
  And the aftermath of only getting 6 hours of sleep..one tired crabby monkey before heading to school for the day! 


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