School Christmas Concert

Nealia’s first holiday concert was this past Wednesday! I wasn’t sure how it would go and how the teachers would get these tiny restless humans to perform on stage but it happened!! A few kids wouldn’t stay up on stage and ran to their parents crying but 2/3rds of the class survived and managed to wiggle around on stage while performing to its a small world and rocking around the xmas tree…adorable! Nealia stood wide eyed on stage, looked around the whole time and chewed on her Christmas tree prop the duration of the performance. While she really didn’t participate she was adorable as usual and made it through both songs. I was a proud mama for sure! While I don’t think she’ll take up acting or performing anytime soon she did great! 



One thought on “School Christmas Concert

  1. our little angel is precious for sure! she stayed up on that stage just like she was supposed to do! she was dressed so cute! g grammys proud of her! love u both! grammy and g grammy!


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