Christmas Cookie baking and St. Nick comes to our house…holiday traditions! 

There are certain family traditions around the holidays that I want to keep alive with Nealia. Baking cookies is one of my favorite one! Since I can remember every year fortunes more than once we would make sugar cookie cutouts for the holidays! We would pic our favorite ones to leave for Santa! Nealia had so much fun carrying on the tradition and she did lots of tasting!! My sweet tiny little baker! I bought the natural food dye so the colors were a bit earthier than I would have liked for holiday cookies , but I did like there sort of retro, hippy vibe. I also thought I had flour and eneded up not so I improvised and used corn starch…don’t ever do this my cookies bubbled up all weird and expanded…it was bad, but we made do and I had some permafrost butter cookies in the freezer that I baked and then used the cutouts after! All and al it was fun!  
And another Midwest…actually as I did more research mostly a Wisconsin tradition that we kept alive was St. Nick!!  He comes on the eve of the 5th of Decrmber and outs little treats and goodies in the kiddos stockings! As a kid this is when we got our xmad ornament to gag on the tree for the year and pretty much candy! Nealia was so excited to go out and see her stocking…she knew right where to go and pulled out all of her new fun stuff! She still about once a day will point to her stocking and whine a little bit because she thinks there will be more gifts. We’ve tried to eco akin to her that this was a one time a year deal, not sure if she gets it haha!



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