18 months of monkey madness! 

Wow! Where did time go! Nealia is a year and a half!! I can’t even believe time has flown this fast! Here is some updates on our little sweet girl! 
Weight: 25lb 4oz, 81st percentile for weight 

Height: 34 inches or almost 3ft!! She is in the 97th percentile for height! 

-toilet training progress: this has been on and off. Some weeks she interested others she doesn’t care. After the holidays we’re gonna try to spend the hours we are at home without diapers and really give it a go! 

-she is just about ready to transition to a toddler bed, so again after the holidays were going to switch her over! Wish us luck! 

-she is only getting a bottle at night, but this is another thing we’re working on transitioning over in the new year (can you tell we have tons of resolutions haha) 

-loves making animal noises and can identify and say about 8 animal names including flamingo!! So adorable

-she loves her little brown Lego bunny or “budny” (it’s hidden in her bib pocket) 

-Blows nose by herself, cleans face 

-loves baths and getting herself dressed 

-is obsessed with lotions and Chapstick and my makeup brushes

-loves giving and getting massages

-likes to brush her own hair or mom and dads. 

-loves loves loves books and reading…it’s her favorite pastime 

– baby Emma–she’s such a good mama to her and all of her stuffies. She loves rocking them and covering them with a blanket while rubbing their back and singing( this is our bedtime routine with her that she is mimicking) 

-she can say just about any word you ask her too, not perfect English though haha! She knows and can point to over 25 words maybe even more than that now. 

-Loves any kind of art, painting especially

-she loves to say no even if she means yes! 

-loves being outside and in nature. Her teachers have even told us that she has a very strong interest in nature studies and art. 

-Loves pasta, macaroni and cheese, pizza, any cheeses, any fruit…loves smoothies and making them with me! Not so keen on the veggies although if I sneak spinach or zucchini in she usually eats it. Meat can be tough too but she does eat turkey and chicken pretty well.

-She is so interested in chores around the house and helping me clean and cook and fold laundry. Sometimes she’s not the best helper but it’s adorable! 

-In 2t clothes and size 5 diapers and size 6 shoe (she’s been in these sizes since about 16 months) she is a growing girl!! 


2 thoughts on “18 months of monkey madness! 

  1. she is a precious little girl! I don’t consider her a baby anymore! and she is so smart! g grammy is so proud of her and her wonderful loving mama! love u all three..grammy ..g-grammy!


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