Christmas shopping list  for the Nealster 

 Okay we my have gotten a little crazy this year, but oh man I want to get her everything!! There are so many cool things that we have picked out for her already and I’m trying to keep it to the minimum because kids really don’t need that many toys! They have wild imaginations that toys can suppress, but these were must haves! Plus, she really doesn’t have that many toys now…and we need to do some weeding out and storing away of the old ones that she doesn’t play with anymore or has outgrown. So, yes I’m using that as an excuse to spoil her just a bit!! And it’s her first real Christmas where she understands the idea of gifts! 

The Waldorf rainbow rocker…I’ve eyed this up for quite some time! She will love it! It’s great for balance and for climbing, 2 of her favorite things and it has multiple uses and is soemthing she will grow with and have for a long time!


This is a must! She loves art time and needs a space to create!

And perfect for our tidy little tot . She loves to help around the house but our broom is way to big for her, dad also got her a cute wood vacuum that actually picks up special stuff that it comes with! 

And a little bed for Emma!   

This is great for shapes and color learning and for her fine gross motor skills!
A cute wood makeup set because she is obsessed with all my stuff and because she’s been born into the Aveda salon life!   

There’s a few other little things we picked out too and an awesome bean bag chair for her to read on and cozy up on in the living room! Dad got her some books and a pretend remote and phone, hopefully that will distract her from ours! Gigi and Papa got her an adorable wood table and chairs for the rec room and Mee Maw and Papa got her a kids tablet! She is a spoiled little monkey this year, but it is what it is! Once you become a parent you realize all the things that you can’t help doing even though you say you won’t haha! 

So excited to have everything set up by the tree this year and watch her eyes fill with joy when she comes out Christmas morning! 


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