Thursday Fun!

Usually our Thursday’s are fun filled days for the most part, but today was just an overall great day! We hung out this morning cuddling on the couch with some milk and Sesame Street-Nealia has taken a liking to more than just curious George lately thank goodness although I do enjoy watching it! And then we played a bit with some fun toys and read books and got dressed for the day! 

The little cutie in her sweater coat from Gigi! It finally fits her!

 We had to run to target and sadly when I ask Nealia if she wants to go to target she gets pretty excited and can even say it! We obviously go there often! It’s a great one stop shop and they have great deals for her snack stuff and food and other necessities. Anyways, after that we hit up library story time and had so much fun and learned about shadows! After, we made shadow puppets which were cool! 


And we picked out some new books and played for awhile in the play area! We picked some books that focused on numbers, shapes and colors. We’ve been working on these things lately with some of her wood stacking toys and stringing beads and she just seems to be interested! 

Then we went to the gym! This was the first time I’ve brought her since I joined last week. I usually go to the 24 hr fitness right next to the salon after work before I and pick her up, but I want to be able to go Thursday’s too! She had a blast! They had a whole kids play room with supervisors with mats and tumbling stuff and pretty much an indoor gym for kids! The teacher lady said she had so much fun.

 After that we met Dad for lunch at a bbq place called Mo’s and Nealia loved it. She has added “Mo’sss” into her vocabulary now! She went crazy for the Mac n cheese there, but literally was insane about banana pudding. I’m going to have to make some for her for special treats! Check out her going to town on some pudding! 


 And then I had to add in this adorable little Indian vest that she made in class this week! So cute!  


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