The last few week in review 

I have been pretty bad with keeping up with Nealia’s blog for the past few months, but I’m trying really hard to take the small amount of time it takes to stay up to date. It’s important to me that she will one day read this as her baby book! Although not everything from the beginning is there…from the moment we brought  our little warrior princess home form the hospital our lives dramatically changed and it’s been non stop amazing ever since! Our little bug is the light of my life and I look forward to each day with her! Here’s a glimpse of the past few weeks of our lives, nothing too exciting, just life. But really the simplest of moments seem to be the best.

Neal’s and her new skis from daddy! Can’t wait to hit the slopes with her!

Hanging with friends for some Auburn football fun! Nealia and uncle Micheal entertaining us with their new party tricks!  

Daddy rides on a Saturday morning are the best! 

We had our first chilly snowy day!   

Making smoothies aka “Moothies”…she is obsessed and we make them almost everyday! 


Nealia in her adorable outfit that daddy picked up on his own at target! 

Reading at school 

Umm..this girl is truly my child…she is drinking cheese folks haha! She has some Wisco blood for sure!

Reading to baby Coco  
Building “sherbet” the snowman at school 


Enjoying some live music …she was so into it!

Our first snowfall of the season! 

2nd, much bigger snowfall of the season!

   She looked so cute in her new snowsuit from Gigi…my little Patagonia girl. 
She was a little apprehensive at first, but she’ll grow to love it. 

In awe of the snow…truly mesmerized   


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