Life Lately…

I missed some of these in my last posts…just a few from life lately.
Nealia reading to Baby Emma…she loves to read and pulls out a billion books at a time. She sometimes won’t let us read to her and wants to do it by herself.    

Her room all destroyed. We recently moved all her upstairs play toys from the living room to her room because of the exact pictures below…I can close the door to her room not to my living room haha!   
Fun gross motor skill activity…straws and a strainer…who needs toys, right?  

Multi tasking…balance ball and some light reading…this is her new favorite reading spot!   

Practicing her sweet board moves! She had a blast playing on my bosu ball!  
And just because…my mom aka Gigi sent me this and we couldn’t believe how bald she used to be. The small amount of hair she has now seems to be a full head in comparison! But, look at that sweet adorable face! And those eyes and little button nose…I want to eat her up!   


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