Sensory Play 

Even more so lately Nealia has been interested in new ways to be stimulated  and fun new ways to play. I’ve been trying to keep her curiosity alive and I love showing her new things on a consistent basis! Here’s some of our latest play adventures!
Yay for play doh! Of course she had to sample this new stuff!   

Playing with baby Emma! She is quite the mommy! She is so sweet with her and takes her for walks, feeds her food and reads her books and ticks her in for bed with a blanket while rubbing her back and singing to her…heart melt! She clearly loves our bedtime routine we do with her!       


This is my fav one!   

Felt food! This is a great sensory toy and the creativity is endless!      

Painting with a pumpkin at school!
Stickers…Nealia is obsessed!  

Painting, coloring and experimenting! We love our art days!  


Her play area downstairs with her very own art gallery! I try to rotate new art pieces she brings home! She has some really cool ones that I’m going to put together and draw on top of to do a mini collaboration! Can’t wait to see the outcome! 

Her music corner!! She loves her piano and loves playing with the guitars! She has her own in her room that she plays with as well, but of course she prefers the ones that are not hers! She also loves the harmonica and singing into the microphone! This little girl loves music and dancing! 


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