It’s Finally Feeling Like Fall!! 

It’s finally sort of feeling like fall here in Colorado! The mornings and nights have been much cooler so the sweaters and boots have come out of our closets! And I even did a small bit of fall decorating. (I’m not a huge decorator when it comes to holidays-I usually keep it pretty simple). I’ll probably do some more halloweenish stuff the week of and we will also carve pumpkins that weekend to put out on Halloween! (If we do it now the animals eat them) 

We had a fun and busy weekend so it flew by fast! Friday night we went to pizza in Golden with some of our friends and their 2 boys Andrew and Parker. Nealia had a blast hanging out with her friends and the kids pretty much trashed the place…food everywhere–just utter craziness, but it was fun. We continued the party over at their house and Neals lasted to almost 11am until she crashed on the car ride home. She was a little hungover the next day from her late night haha and took a couple different naps throughout the day! (We don’t keep a strict schedulefor her  napping, but usually she’ll take a 2 hour nap once a day around 12ish.) but we have a busy life and naps are hard to plan and schedule so usually we don’t care when she sleeps as long as she gets some at some point! Nealia is an awesome sleeper and gets a good 10-12 hours per night, so I don’t fret too much when her schedule gets off a bit…kids are kids and everyday is so different! 

Saturday I had to work so it was Daddy day! Brandon took her on a long and steep hike up at Redrocks! He said she slept some of the way in the stroller and then they both crashed out when they got home! That night we had dinner and halloween crafts planned with our friends! We had a great time hanging out, drinking and eating and doing some cute and adorable Pinterest crafts that all of us had been wanting to do! They all turned out cute and we had fun doing them! Nealia loved painting her pumpkin and getting messy with paint! She was way too cute! 

The little painter    
Seriously her face..she loved that silver paint! 

  Mummy mason jars and lace candles! Super easy crafts found on Pinterest!   
Grey, black and white pumpkin painting…I love them and they give a different feel than your normal orange. 


Neal’s adorable little painted pumpkin! 

Here’s Some of the fall decor I put up this weekend! Man, I love target and craft stores! I would still like to get a cool fall centerpiece for our dining table, but haven’t found what I want yet. 


And today we went to a nice little brunch and did a short River hike in Morrison! It was a perfect fall day and Nealia had fun finding leaves on the ground and was mesmerized by the river. We loved picking leaves to put in the water and we watched them float down the river swirling all over the place. I could barely get her to leave! 



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