Library Story Time!

Thursdays are mine and Nealia’s day together and I just love it! It breaks up my week and we get some special one on one time together! Our weekends are fun too, but Thursdays are special!  We started a new Thursday ritual by going to the library story time near our house. My friend told me about it and she’s come with her little 4 month old Brooks! They live in our neighborhood and it’s awesome that these kiddos will get to grow up together! and now that the weather is sort of cooling down (some days it’s still in the 80’s here) it’ll be a nice thing to do on cold or snowy days! It’s starts at 9:15 and we usually get there a little early!  And Nealia just loves it! There is a couple of other little classes and craft times after the class but sometimes we just hangout and okay in the kids area and pick out books to check out and bring home! I even am getting back on the reading wagon! I read my first book since I was pregnant the first 2 days I had it! I’m addicted and it beats watching random boring stuff on TV. Although I do have some guilty pleasure shows I indulge in!! The library is officially our new Thursday Jam and we are loving it! 




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