My Bathtub Artiste

Nealia had so much fun painting in the bathtub! We used the crayola non toxic washable paint and let her have fun! She kept asking for the blue color when they ran out haha! I asked if it was her favorite and she said yes! She kept saying “blue- or more like “bhuu”! She loves painting and her new teacher in her New Seahorse classroom said she had a hard time getting Nealia to be done painting today in class. So unthought we’d paint a bit during Bathtime! 

She has had a great transition to the next classroom! She was “promoted” last week a few months earlier than normal because there was an opening and she was ready to be with the bigger kids. Her teacher told me that her language and communication skills were a bit ahead for her age and that she would be ready to transition early and that she showed many signs of it in the classroom. She also has been telling us when she went poop in her diaper! Yay! Signs of potty training! They will also work with her on potty training in her new room! My little Bug is growing up so fast and just blows my mind on how smart she is…kids are little sponges. Which means I need to watch my potty mouth:/   


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