No Crab for this little Crabby Patty! 

Nealia is officially allergic to shellfish! We have given her tiny bits of shrimp before and no reaction, but last night we had crab cakes at dinner and Nealia loved them!! She devoured a good chunk of a whole patty and probably would have eaten more if we gave them to her!  Last night she was fine, drank her milk and snuggled me up and went to bed perfectly! Not a peep from her at all through the night–that I could hear at least and we had the monitor on just not turned up loud!  This morning I went in to get her out of her crib and it smelled horrible I thought she had pooped! 

There was chunky puke everywhere and all over her poor little face! I felt horrible!! And the puke was all over her stuffed animals and just everywhere! It was so sad and I picked her up and squeezed her tight and then began inspecting her body to make sure she wasn’t sick or had a rash, but she seemed fine and like her normal self! I asked her if she felt sick and if she threw up and she pointed right at the smelly mess! So I plunked her in a bath and she played totally fine and normal. I looked up shellfish allergies online and thank god this was a mild one that included the vomiting and not severe, as I’ve heard stories of throats closing up and swelling and rashes! We’re not chancing it again so, for now no shellfish of any kind for this poor monkey! Maybe when she’s a little older we can slowly introduce it again! 

Despite her throw up incidence she is feeling just great and totally her normal self, so that’s good! We had a fun day off together and we “fished”, made and flew paper airplanes (she loved this)! such a little tomboy girly girl she is! And we played hide and seek in her VW van tent! We also went to lunch with my cousin Angie (her husband is my first cousin Chad on my dads side of the fam) and they live here in Colorado! We’re going to try to get together more often! It’s nice to have family living here! 

Here’s some Disgusting barf pics…sorry guys! I had to take a pic to send to my mom and Brandon I just couldn’t believe it and I was worried!   

Gone fishing!

Mom’s amazing paper airplane making skills! These things fly really good!


 Her VW bus! She loves this thing! And it reminds me of my college days rolling around and going on adventures in one! Oh to be young again!  

Angie and Nealia!   
Nealia loved baby cousin Austin!!

  Zonked out in her cute moccasins!  
  A little bit of IPad time! Peekaboo forest was where it’s at this morning! The iPad is great for small amounts of time per day and when I need to get something done! I’m going to start taking it on the airplane with us!  
My sweet and sassy girl!    
And from another day, but check out her pink chucks that daddy bought! They even Velcro!


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