Some Sweet Random Nealia Stuff! 

Nealia has been obsessed with the Moon lately! She points at it and gets excited and says “moon”! And my favorite new thing she does is Eskimo kisses…she would dish them out for days and it’s the sweetest thing ever! 

She also has started singing! I ask her to sing and she changes her voice and mumbles words that sound like mama and baby! She loves the song baby bumble bee and she does the little hand motions with it! It’s pretty dang adorable! And Bathtime has been hilarious lately! I think Nealia is a little too comfortable with water! She literally lays all the way down and soaks her head in the water like we do when I rinse her hair, but she’ll just lay like that and relax likes she in a hot tub haha! It’s the funniest thing ever! I’ve also caught her on the camera monitor in the morning throwing her animals out of the crib and disciplining them by saying no no no and pointing her finger at them:/ She is such a little stinker!!

-she has also mastered all of her body parts and can say some of them and point to all of them! And she knows almost all of the animals in peek a boo barn and can say there names! Such a smarty pants she is! I can’t keep up with her these days!! 


The beautiful horses we saw at the park! Nealia was in awe!!    

Bubble mustache! 


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