Mountains with the fam-fun in Vail, CO

 some of my family recently came out to colorado for a wedding and I went up to Vail to visit with them! We had such a great day and it was fun to just hang out and shop and eat and soak up the cool weather and beautiful scenery! The drive was a little over an hour, so not too bad! Nealia is the best car napper ever, so she zonked out the whole way up! It was great seeing the fam and my sweet little 2 month old niece Bailey! Nealia was excited to see her until I was holding her! She fed got jealous and kept pushing her away! I can’t imagine having another one anytime soon to compete with Nealia-shes a demanding little lady!    

Sweet baby Bailey     

Aunty Brooklyn    

Fly fishing practice 

Uncle Ben and Andrea   

Aunty Ash 

All of us lady cousins! 

Patagonia fashion show! Mama loves her some pattagucci haha!

Dog lovin!  

Stealing the hand off the mannequin haha!

Sweet Bailey Boo

Such a fun day!!


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