Time Outs

having a sassy toddler means thinking about how to begin the process of discipline. This category is tough. There’s so many different views and opinions on what’s right and wrong and when you’re dealing with a tiny human it becomes tough to figure out what is actually effective. We started doing “timeouts” with Nealia when she doesn’t listen after asking multiple times. I don’t expect a 1 year old to comprehend and understand everything we ask her not to do and to do, but she will literally look at me and intentionally do what I asked her not to do. For example we have an end table next to our couches and we deemed it off limits to her, but she will do anything to get things on it. We’ve slowly but surely have gotten her to stay away or at least proceed with caution before attempting to grab things from it. We simply kept saying no it’s mommy and daddy’s table and would show her different things. The “no” was very firm and stern and slowly she caught on. As for throwing food on the ground when eating…it’s inevitable but she will look at me after I ask her to stop it and laugh and toss food and act crazy, so we’ve used the old timeout method after she continually does it over and over and we put her in her crib for 1-2 minutes! let me tell you it works! 

And now when she isn’t listening I ask her if she wants a timeout and she’ll say no and usually listen to me! The only thing that backfired is the location of the timeout..I realized that now bedtime becomes a timeout to her and she freaks out…so now we need a new timeout spot and need to ease her into her bedtime routine again. She usually just lays down and goes to sleep wihout much fuss but the last 2 nights she just screamed and cried until I, multiple times came in to soothe her and Rock her. Maybe it’s just coincidence but for now timeouts need to happen elsewhere!  I also had to add a few cute pics from school this week, what a little love bug! 



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