Nealia loves getting into my jewelry drawer in the bathroom…sometimes shes such a little tomboy and then other days such a little girly girl- just like her mama. 


Her adorable wood fruit and veggie set that I ordered her. The pieces Velcro and then you can cut them with a knife, we have so much fun playing with this! (Plan toys-Amazon $20)


Train ride at Heritage Square in Golden, CO! So much fun with her friends! 

This girl has a stuffed animal obsession! We can’t leave the house without 2 or more of her stuffed buddies! She roams around the house calling out their names! (Yes they all have names haha) pictured here is Molly the husky and pistachio (stash for short). Her other favs are “moo moo”, A Wisconsin cow, “tulip”-stashes pink girlfriend bunny, “Boo” the mini dog, “Finn” the sea turtle. There are many more, but these are her favs. 


Mommy and Nealia! 


Dipping her toes in Bear Creek in Morrison after a fun little brunch at our local spot. Nealia is famous at the Country Kitchen. We’ve been going since she’s been born and all the staff looks forward to her visits and get excited to see her! She’s a little ham! 

Pool party for Aunty Lisa’s Bday! This little girl is a water bug! She literally has no fear around water (this is scary) and she thinks she can swim haha! She fights me in the water to escape from my arms and try’s to take off in the water! She’ll jump off the stairs or the edge into my arms, which is adorable, but again scary. While I’m happy that she loves the water because I’m a huge water person, it freaks me out when she is a little dare devil! We are def doing swim lessons this fall or winter! 


My little headband princess. This is her new thing, she goes into her basket with headbands and brings them to is one by one to put on her…she hands it to me and says “this, this and then “yes, yes or yeah”. It’s so silly and cute! 


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