Nealia’s 1st Camping Trip! 

 This past weekend was our first camp trip with Nealia! I can’t sit here and say it was a piece of cake, it was def a lot of work camping with a toddler! The packing was just insane-camping without a child requires so much planning and gear and add a baby to that mix and you’ve got a car jammed full of crap! We had such an amazing time though and it was worth all the effort! The nights got cold and she had a hard time sleeping the last night and woke up a bunch, which she never does at home or while traveling and she usually sleeps like a champ in her pack n play! So, that part was tough other than that it was a fun time and she had so much fun running around in the dirt and looking up at the sky at the moon and playing at the lake! We will def be camping more this summer and into fall and Im guessing each time will get easier! I don’t have any specific special lists for camping with a toddler but there are tons on Pinterest and online that I found that gave me some rough guidelines, but having benn camping my whole life you just go with your instincts and pack the essentials! Of course we forgot a few key things but we totally made do without! Can’t wait to go again!   


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