How is my little girl such a big girl? 

My little Nealia is growing up so fast that I can’t even keep up! Today I went to buy her pull ups and M&M’s (as an incentive) for potty training! Once she’s a bit older were going to do a sticker chart for her to get to do something fun or go for ice cream when she fills it up! I also got her another toothbrush to keep in the bathroom with some starter toothpaste, we of course had to get Curious George for our little monkey! She lives brushing her teeth and thinks it’s so funny! This morning we brushed our teeth and okayed Raffi’s brush your teeth song, she had a blast!   

So I guess here it goes-we are starting to potty train. Nealia has been interested in pooping and peeing for over a month and we pulled out her potty chair to get her acquainted with it! She loves to carry it around (it’s twice the size of her) but she is determined to carry it along with other small chairs and stools (the girl has an odd obsession with carrying and moving things beyond her size around) Anyways, she is one smart cookie and also an obvious pooper haha! So we began to ask her when we noticed her pooping, what she was doing and taught her the word poo poo! Well she picked it up fast, and now when she is about to poop, she says “poo poo” in an adorable little way. And we’ve now gotten her to point at her potty and we walk over and sit her on it. Sometimes even with her diaper on just to get her in the habit. She’s had 2 successful poo’s, well one semi since we started so all in all it’s going good. I just bought her some pull ups so that when we’re hanging around the house she can just wear them and it’ll make it easier to pull her pants down. We will see how it goes, we are in no rush for her to learn, just excited that she’s interested and understands the concept at a very early age! 



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