Baby Sign Language

Little Neals is literally a sponge. She learns things so quickly that it blows my mind sometimes! She in the past month has mastered about 5 different signs and uses them! 

She knows: more, milk, eat, please and thank you!! 

She also is picking up on words so fast as well. She try’s to pronounce any word I ask and usually does a good job! She can say most of my friends and families names and can point to them. She says about 20 other relevant words as well. Her vocab is just insane and I can’t believe how smart this little girl is! School has also been great for her as well! I love seeing what they do each day and what they are learning! It was hard at first to drop her off there in the beginning but she just loves it And has her little friends there now! Her best bud is Levi-when we got back from Wisconsin he came right up and gave her a bear hug. They stayed hugging for about 2 minutes and then toppled over-it was adorable!!

Here’s a little sample of what I get each day from our school! Each week the theme changes and they also get splash days and pizza days! So cute! 



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