A Very Happy Father’s Day!

Ugh, this post never made it through, it’s been sitting in draft status since Father’s Day, so here it is, about a month late! 

It was Brandon’s 2nd Fathers day technically. Nealia was about 2 weeks old last year when we celebrated, so we didn’t have too much time as being new parents! The last year has been such a ride filled with love, laughter, tears, joy and things I’ve never felt before! This year was a true celebration of father’s day as Bra don had a whole year under his belt! He is such an incredible hands on daddy and Nealia and I are very lucky to have such a great dude in our lives! Her little face lights up when I say his name or he walks in the room! It’s so cool to see them interact together and even though we do things differently with her sometimes as long as she’s happy is all that matters. 

So this year for Father’s day Nealia made him an adorable picture in a frame at school…

And we did a sweet card for him and also bought him a keyboard, so he can learn piano-something’s he’s wanted to do for awhile now! (Side note: this guy is frickin musically talented-he learned so pretty rad rock songs on keys in about 2 days-it sounds likes he’s been playing for years!!) Anyways, we took him for brunch at a new brunch spot he hadn’t been To before an we enjoyed an awesome breakfast! 
We had such a great day relaxing in the backyard, reading books with the monkey and just enjoying time together!



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