Nealia’s First Real Concert

Last Wednesday we went to see Shovels and Rope at the Denver Botanic Gardens! It was Nealia’s first real concert and she loved every moment! We’ve taken her to places where live music was playing before but never to a full on concert! I was a little concerned since it was a mini amphitheatre with lawn only seats, but she did awesome! We went for our friend Thomas Bday celebration and our friends with kids joined us too! All the kiddos did awesome and were so well behaved and had a blast dancing all night! I tried to get her to wear her baby headphones but those didn’t last long at all, not even long enough to snap a pic:/ so we tried the smooshy Orange ear plugs and she kept those in for a bit, but hated it. Next time I’m trying cotton balls and tape as we plan on taking her to more music this summer! Overall, it was such a cool thing to do with her and it made me realize that you can really do anythjng you want with kids-for the most part. Since she was born we’ve tried to keep our busy social life and just include Nealia along with us! We’ve had tons of fun letting her experience tons of new adventurous stuff and plan on keeping it going. 




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