My Sweet Babe Turned 1! 

Where did a whole year go? I seriously can’t believe I’m writing her 1 year blog post!! I have been so blessed and feel so grateful for this past year! So much has happened with getting married, buying an adorable new house, buying a business-the Aveda salon and of course the biggest blessing of all–our sweet baby Nealia Jade! 

She is the most beautiful, smart and amazing little thing I’ve ever met and I can’t imagine life without her!! I could go on and on and gush about her and how awesome she really is, but I think everyone gets it, especially all those moms out there! The love for your child is so unconditional and beautiful that it’s makes me tear up a bit! 

Her actual Bday was this past Tuesday June 9th, but we celebrated with a fun little boho BBQ at our house on Sunday. It was a great party, but more to come on that on my next blog post! 

We celebrated Nealia’s real birthday the night before the real day! We had a great time saying good bye to all our family that was in town that day! it was sad to see them go! Brandon’s brother, sister in law Ashley and Nealia’s  little cousin Jackson suprised us by flying out for her party! It was pretty exciting to see them pull up! Anyways, the night before her Bday we gave her extra long baby massages (she just loves getting rubbed) sang her sweet songs and read her the book “On the night you were born” by Nancy Tillman, this book is so beautifully written and illustrated! My mom bought me this book many years ago for my 30th Bday and I knew I needed to get it for Nealia for her first Bday! All of Nancy Tillman’s books are so good and done very similar! 

In the morning on her real Bday I made her eggs and blueberries and bananas-her favorite and we danced and sang to some of her favorite songs before I took her to school and headed to work. That night we made her her favorite food for her birthday dinner-veggie ravioli with sauce and ground chicken and zucchini! Pasta is her all time fav so far! And then after dinner and after we played and read books we settled in with some milk and snuggled up and read the birthday book again and Daddy sang some songs and played guitar and it was sweet dreams after that. 

It was fun to start some little Bday traditions with her and I’m sure as the years go by more things will be added! 

Happy First Birthday my sweet girl!! You are so loved and every day is amazing with you in my life!! 

To many more birthdays to come!! 


Your Mama



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