The Milk Transition

With Nealia’s first Birthday approaching in the next week, we decided to slowly introduce whole cows milk into her diet. We did it a little early because I had a few friends who did it and it worked out great and well because I never follow the rules and intend to go with my intuition. She was drinking so much formula once we switched over last month to no more breastfeeding and it just seemed to all of a sudden not fill her up anymore. Even days when she ate all 3 meals really well and snacked all day she couldn’t seem to get enough formula. So, we started for a week adding 2 ounces organic whole milk and then the following week we added a little more. She seemed to like it a lot and she’s even put on a few extra pounds and has some of her chubs back. (Once she started crawling and walking, she slimmed down a ton and my breast milk slowed down a lot-this may be why she wanted so much formula).

Anyways, I can’t figure out if it’s coincidence or not but she started coughing and had a runny nose the week we started her on milk. It could have just been a cold (the doctor deemed it a cold at first), but after a couple weeks it didn’t go away, so with some research I thought maybe she had a milk allergy. I haven’t concluded that the milk is the culprit, but I switched her to goats milk this week, so we will see! She hasn’t had an issue with cheese or other dairy products, but she eats them in such small amounts so it’s hard to tell. Hopefully we’ll figure it out and so far cows milk or the goats haven’t bothered her stomach or given her diareha so I’m not too worried. 

On a side note, I can’t believe my baby is turning one and is going to school now:( time sure does fly and every day gets better and more fun with this little girl! 


2 thoughts on “The Milk Transition

  1. Jenny, when my kids were little we started them on milk at 6 months. I know everything has changed due to research out there but I can’t help wonder if the formula companies have anything to do with the 12 month recommendation.


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