San Diego 2015

We had such an amazing family vacay/1 year marriage anniversary/Nealia’s first Bday celebration vacay! 

It was long overdue and I got to see some of my college friends and a good friend, Lauren and her little family from back home in Wisconsin! 

San Diego wasn’t as sunny as we hoped but the weather was still great and we got to do so much in the 4 days we were there! We were mostly beach bums, but we took some cool drives to Sunset Cliffs and to Coronado Island Beach and our last day there we went to the San Diego Zoo! It was pretty amazing and was just as great as everyone says it is! We decided to do the zoo instead of Sea World seeing that the zoo is famous and we only heard awesome things about it! 

We spent some quality time with Lauren and her sweet little babe-Lyric and walked around Pacific Beach and the pier. And then spent some time in Ocean Beach with old friends that live in the area! 

Here’s some pics that capture the highlights of our trip! 



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