Fashion, turn to the left…

So, in a previous post I talked about trying to share outfit ideas, hair tutorials and just all around wellness for all those busy hardworking mamas. I took pics of some of my fav everyday outfits that I wore the past week and where I got things. Here is the first round of easy ideas to use as inspiration:

1. Printed Flowy shirt dress with black tights and you can add a black suit coat on top for layering. 

2. Loose flowy striped shirt with light colored jeans and fringe sandals. 


3. Printed Halter jumpsuit paired with black wedge sandals. 



4. Black leggings with striped tunic shirt and bright colored ballet flats for a pop of color. 




5. Aztec mini skirt with flowy black blouse, legging tights and black wedge sandals.


More to come next week! Happy shopping! 

Hair: courtesy of The girls at Evolution Salon Denver, Aveda Concept Salon! 


2 thoughts on “Fashion, turn to the left…

    • Thanks! I’m adding stuff like this to the blog to help promote the salon!! The more you blog about it I guess the higher your web search optimization gets! I tag certain key words! Learning tons about marketing which is good:) we have a salon blog too that we will start working on in the next month and update weekly!


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