Cooking with the Babe! 

Nealia has been more and more interested in what goes on in the kitchen when we’re cooking so I’ve been letting her explore her curiosity and she helps me cook from time to time. She loves just hanging out and watching and sometimes participating. Tonight we made breakfast veggie, chicken and egg muffins. I’ve made these in the past, but wanted to revisit the recipe with more veggies added for a quick and easy breakfast for the whole fam as I said in a previous post that I would start sharing more of my quick, easy and healthy recipes. 

Here’s the recipe:

-9 eggs

-any veggies or meat, we did mushrooms, shredded carrots and sauted spinach and chicken.

-1/2 cup milk or dairy alternative 

-salt, pepper, garlic or any other spices desired 


-whip eggs with milk in a large bowl 

-combine all filling ingredients (veggies and protein) and sauté in a pan and then fill cupcake pan cups with the filling about an inch from the bottom.

-then pour egg mixture on top

-bake at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes. 

Voila! Pretty simple and yummy! 



2 thoughts on “Cooking with the Babe! 

  1. You’ll have to get her a little play kitchen set. Then she can cook her own little meals while you are cooking! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to give us these posts. Love to keep up with you out there.


    • Thanks Nini! My mom bought her a cute little kitchen for her Bday! She’s going to love it! And I love doing little posts! It’s like a virtual baby book and so easy to do from my phone when I have down time!


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