Music Makes Your Soul Feel Alive! 

I wanted to make sure I include the loss of BB King on Nealia’s blog, so when she’s older and looking back and reading all the posts she will know that  he had died while she was living. 

I consider this her baby book and I try to put as much info in here as I can, so she will one day get a glimpse on our life when she was young! I have intentions of keeping this going until she goes to college or whatever path she decides to take, but who knows where our life will be then.

 Anyways, BB King was a legend, an inspiration to many musicians including her parents, especially Brandon as he’s a blues influenced musician. So, with that being said we all can raise a glass to the legend because he was awesome, he was insanely talented and driven and we could all learn a thing or two from anyone like that. Last night we watched the Billboard music awards. I’ll be honest I felt old and out of the loop! I had no idea who half the people were as pop genre music isn’t my forte. I will tell you this, we had a blast watching the awards together and Nealia, our little music lover was mesmerized! She loved every second of it and couldn’t keep her eyes off the TV during performances and couldn’t keep her little body from moving and dancing! I picked her up a few times and we danced all about laughing and giggling as Brandon made fun of us from the couch-(although I know he was enjoying himself too)! We were 2 girls having a dance party and having a blast! 

I’m so happy our little girl loves music. She is obsessed with guitar and loves when Brandon or I play for her. We have lately brought out her guitar and she gets so excited to play it and carry it around like she’s a rockstar or soemthing! She’s even tried to throw it and crash it on the ground like a true rocker haha! Every morning when I get ready with her in the bathroom we put  on pandora-per Nealia’s request (she hands me my phone or points to it and makes a little dancing move and snaps her finger) and we have so much fun dancing and singing! I’m excited to keep this tradition going as she gets older and make sure to keep music in her life as it’s been so important to me and a huge part of who I am as I was growing up! 

Yay for music, it truly makes your soul feel alive! 


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