11 Months of Monkey Madness

Our Nealia Jade turned a whole 11 months!! Where did the time go? She has evolved into the amazing, incredible, hilarious love bug! She makes me laugh all the time and is such a little character with quite the personality!!

She does the smartest and silliest things everyday, so I’m going to remember as many as I can! 

-sleep: she rocks at this! She naps twice a day on a loose schedule in the morning and afternoon for at least 1-2 hours. We have slowly transitioned her out of her swing for naps-thank God!  At night she has been a pretty good crib sleep since 4 months, but she goes down at about 9ish give or take and we try to read and have a bottle. And then we lay her in the crib and rub her back and we sing to her. She likes it best when we both out her down, but sometimes we take turns. 

-she sleeps at least 9-12 hours per night-this is glorious and has been much more consistent the past couple months! 

-sippy cups-she’s a master and we are trying to give them to her instead of bootleg except for early mornings and nights which we will slowly transition out of. But we do have the bottles that have a little handle on it so its a hybrid sippy cup when she does get a bottle.

-loves music, we dance around and sing and she loves the guitar, like obsessed with it! She also snaps her fingers or at least try’s, so cute!

-washing hands, we do this after we eat and she loves washing her hands in the sink and putting soap in them and rubbing them together! 

-walking and climbing and running-she is a monkey!! 

-climbing stairs and everything else she can find to climb-this is scary!

-blows kisses, waves, claps and snaps

-understands basic commands and words. 

-Colorswith crayons

-can say hot, dog, balloon, belly button, mama, dada, that, moo and a few more I can’t remember off the top of my head! 

-when you ask her what a car does or show her one she makes a car noise-so cute and smart

-loves and snuggles stuffed animals

-knows where my belly button is and nose 

-Helping with dishes and putting stuff away-she loves to help me in the kitchen. I let her helpe measure and pour stuff when we cook! 

-feeding herself with utensils: she is working on this one. She’ll hold the spoon with one hand and then out a piece of food on it and try to get it into her mouth! She does half the time! 

-she loves to be outside and to walk on paths and in the grass and up small hills! We went for a hike and she insisted on walkig on the rugged terrain and would fall and get right back up-she’s pretty persistent! 

I’m probably missing things, but these were the main ones I can remember! I can’t believe how grown up she is and she starts her 1 year old school this week! Ugh, it’s so sad, but she’ll get to socialize and learn so much at the Goddard School!!




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