Mommy Style-the confessions of a busy mama who still loves to look and feel good! 

So, everyone tells you that when you have kids yore going to sacrifice everything, right? Well, there are the obvious sacrifices, but one of them that I always promised myself that I wouldn’t let go was taking care of myself. I know there have been days without showers and spit up all over my clothes and in my hair, but I feel like the days I took time to look my best, I felt my best. So, I’m dedicating this blog post to not only looking good, but feeling good about yourself after you have a baby! New moms need to be pampered and we deserve to have our hair and makeup done and a cute outfit to wear! 

I’m going to do a month long blog dedication to this and try to post a couple times a week some cute outfits that are inexpensive and easy and comfortable. Quick and easy hair and makeup tips-I’m around this day in and out owning an Aveda salon (Evolution Aveda Concept Salon in Denver, CO) so I see some awesome stuff that I need to start sharing! And lastly wellness! This is where beauty begins. Taking care of our bodies and exercising and eating right affects us so much. As a new mom I have a hard time finding time, so I will share some of my basic tips to squeeze in some exercises and quick and easy meals that I’ve been doing lately! 

Well, with that being said, “beauty is as beauty does” (I’ve grown up in an Aveda culture, which brings beauty and wellness together in a holistic and natural way). So, here I go with the doing part! Enjoy! Many more posts to come over the next month! 



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