Weaning from breastfeeding 

I have spent the last almost 2 years taking care of a tiny human. I carried my sweet little Nealia for 10 months and then upon arrival she has been pretty attached to me ever since. Breastfeeding is highly demanding and stressful, yet the best thing ever. I love our bonding time when we nurse and I feel like I was able to give so much nutrition to my little babe. Either way that works for mama and baby is fine wth me, but I truly did enjoy breastfeeding. The last month or so I’ve been slowly weening Nealia from nursing. I’m gone 3-4 days per week at work during the day and for the last 10 months I had spent time each day pumping for her for the next day. It finally got to a point probably last month where I wasn’t getting enough milk for her for the next day because she is eating so much more. I would spend 30-45 minutes pumping to sometimes only  get 3-4 ounces-so frustrated! 

So, I finally decided to take some stress off to supplement with formula more often. This was a tough decision for me, yet the best decision  for this hardworking mama. If I was home with her, I could easily nurse her and keep up with my supply, but my pump and I hate each other and I had to part ways with that awful thing!

I am now so much less stressed and I still am able to nurse in the mornings and the evenings. We are starting to try to cut night nursing, but most nights she still wants to. In the next 4 or 5 weeks I can slowly introduce cows milk. I plan to intro it a tiny bit at a time mixed with formula and continute to nurse in the mornings. She does great with ther dairy, so I’m hoping she does great with the milk, if not we have plenty of alternatives which is great! We have mixed her formula with Kefir-a nutrient rich probiotic drink similar to green yogurt, but much more concentrated and thinner. I bought fruit flavored kind thinking she’d love it and to my suprise she wasn’t keen on it and kept looking at me funny while drinking her milk haha. I’m going to try the plain kind next time and see if she likes that! 

Anyways, my little babe is growing up so fast and as much as I’m going to miss her needing me to nurse, at the same time I am so excited to have more freedom and get my body back! I’m ready for my boobs  to shrink and be able to make running and working out much easier! I just want to feel great and really in shape again, I miss it! In a couple months I can say goodbye to breastfeeding, it’s been good, but I’m ready to move on! Until the next little babe, which won’t be happening for a couple years at least! I’m not ready to give up my time with Nealia. It’s really important to me to have a good amount of quality time with her before we bring another babe into the picture. To each their own, but I just see the stress and craziness of kids close together in other families that have young kids and babes and I can’t sign up for that. It may be a little selfish, but that’s okay. I know how much attention a tiny newborn baby needs and I can’t imagine taking my focus away from Nealia too early. I need a good 3 years with my girl! So, no babies for me for quite sometime! Ask me again when Nealia turns 2 and maybe just maybe I will think about trying. I’m thinking 3-4 years apart would be perfect for us and our lifestyle! 



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