The Travel Itch

We have safely arrived in Wisconsin! Traveling went really great this time. I was honestly worried how it would work with this walking crazy little monkey of mine! She’s a frequent flyer, but this was the first flight that she’s been completely mobile and super active for. I can’t explain how wild our child is, she went from learning to walk to running in about a weeks time and she is just full of energy and excitement for everything! 

Anyways, it went really great and she really just played half the time in the ground trying to put a cap  on her cup. And then She got a little fussy and whiny because she was tired, so we drank a bubs, nursed and passed out for the last hour! Phew…we survived! 

This got me excited knowing we could probably travel more and more with her and we just booked a one year anniversary/1st Bday trip to San Diego at the end of May. We are excited to get some beach time and to go to sea world and the zoo there! My good friend and her little babe live there and we will get to hang with them too! We at first thought maybe just the 2 of us would go, which would have been nice but we have a wedding in Vegas in June over my Bday weekend that will be just the 2 of us, so we decided to make this a family trip and spoil her with some fun in San Diego! 

I have had this huge travel itch (which I get a few times a year) to get out and change it up! I’m so used to taking several trips a year and moving around a lot and just having a little bit of nomadic in my life. The past almost 2 years while we’ve gotten to travel more than I thought, But I still feel like I’m going crazy! Although I live in one of the most beautiful states and there is so much I sti haven’t been able to explore yet back home, I still like to get out and take a vacay. So, San Diego here we come! And then onto Vegas at the end of June  and then I’ll be back home a couple times this summer. I’m hitting up Chicago tomorrow which will be great and will change up my Wisco visits a bit, plus I have a babysitter aka Grandma and will get to spend the night hanging out with old friends in the Windy City! And then who knows what’s next… We try to do a annual October trip to the beach and then I’m sure I’ll want to keep on going with this the older she gets…maybe different country next time? Anyways, I’m just happy to be able to get some refresh time. The last year has been amazing and crazy busy at the same time!! Getting pregnant, hetting married, having a babe, buying a house and buying a business has been stressful, yet amazing at the same time, but I’m ready for some down time, to relax and soak up all the joys in my life. I am so grateful! 


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