Teething=Extra Snuggles

Nealia is getting 2 more bottom teeth and I’m pretty sure some of her molars are creeping their way in and torturing our little monkey who In return is making her mom and dad go crazy! She is just on  and off fussy and whiny for no reason. She’s been so tough with her other teeth and these ones for some reason must be extra painful. I feel so bad for her becaue there isn’t too much we can do but give her Ibpofern and things to chew on. She hasn’t been too interested in food lately either because a of these dang teeth. Poor little peanut. On the positive she’s been extra snuggly and needy especially with mommy and I just love snuggling and rocking her before bedtime. Sometimes I just hang out in her room rocking her long after she has passed out! I just know that these moments don’t last forever and that I should enjoy each one. I can’t imagine just dropping her off in her crib and saying good night-she has her whole life to be alone to put herself to sleep each night and teething or not I’m going to enjoy all the snuggles I can get for as long as it lasts! 

Here’s some extra sweet and cute pics of my little monk lately. She has grown into quite the smart, beautiful little gem of a person! This by far has been the most fun age and we’ve been enjoying all the milestones! 



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