A lot of Firsts when Gigi comes to Town!

We had a ton of firsts in this past visit with Gigi!

1. We went to the zoo: although we did take Nealia when she was maybe a month old, but she slept the whole time in her ring sling, so I don’t really count it! She had a blast and loved all the animals! She called everything a duck and wanted to walk everywhere! Gigi spoiled her with a bubble gun too! 


2. She got to eat and ice cream cone for the first time, she threw a fit when we tried to take it away, she loved it!! And GiGi gave her a little taste of a freeze pop…I give her the packaged one for her teeth, but she now got a taste of what’s inside!! 


3. Nealia draws with a crayon for the first time, although the temptation of eating it just overpowered her urge to color. It didn’t last very long and she was onto the next thing!


4. Nealia crawls under her crib and gets stuck! I wish I would have gotten this one on video! (This actually happened before Gigi came to town).




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