Arts and crafts and fun little projects! 

I’ve been trying to work on some fun little projects for Nealia’s birthday party that is fastly approaching. When my mom was here we ran a bunch of errands and gathered some cute stuff for her party. We even found purple mason jars to use for vases and to drink out of! 

We also took some time to do baby feet prints to turn into butterflies. The project isn’t completely done, but down below is a couple pics of the progress and then what the final outcome is supposed to look like! I’m excited to work on some other little fun things as well, it feels good to be back doing something creative! Time is much more valuable these days and my art time isn’t very existent like it used to be! 



I gathered a bunch of different flowers and a wooden letter and hot glued them on! Turned out so cute! This will end up hanging on her door after her party!  

Fresh flowers from our garden! This is the look with the mason jar bases Im going for!  

I wasn’t as excited about this one. The colors weren’t as bright as I would have liked, but still pretty cute! 


Her invites are finished and printed and all in new elopes ready to be addressed! I love how they turned out!  

I ordered crochet flowers off of amazon and glued them into a cheap frame! I’m going to out her monthly stickers on the frame, take a pic and use it for her first year book! 


One thought on “Arts and crafts and fun little projects! 

  1. looks like you’re having fun preparing and planning for a once in a lifetime event!! they only turn 1 once, so exciting. thank you for taking the time to share all your creativeness with us:)


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