10 Months Old…our sweet little lady is growing up! 

I really don’t know where to begin with this 10 Month update. I am living with a completely grown up little lady these days! She is such an independent little girl that is so happy all the time! Here is her 10 month update, I’m sure I’ll miss a billion things!

-first things first, this lady can walk. She’s a walking machine and it’s now her preferred mode of transportation. Crawling is outdated haha!

-She is really talking and figuring out words and comprehending words. I can point to things and she gets it! Her favorite words are still Dog, Dada, Baba, Mama only when she’s whiny or wants to nurse and her newest fav is “Duck” she calls everything a duck and gets so excited haha! 

-she loves to crawl under things and get flat on the floor and look under the couches or chairs–so cute and silly! She especially loves walking under higher tables

-she loves to play outside on the back patio. She crawls and walks around the rug and starts yelling like she’s a free woman! It’s hilarious!

-she taught herself how to climb UP stairs, def not down quite yet-this is scary:/

-she is still extra lovey and cuddly and just loves to give kisses! It’s so sweet.

-she waves bye bye pretty much on cue now

-she can do so big when j ask how big Nealia is.

-she plays peekaboo with herself and thinks it’s the funniest thing ever.

-she loves wallets and credit cards and pulling things out of bags and purses-she is obsessed.

-we also got her a little potty chair! She’s not quite ready but we thought since she’s super obvious when taking a poop and super curious when she goes with me, why not just get her introduced to the concept! I’ll definitely do a blog post update in this one once we get her going on it! 

-and she still loves music and dancing and can get down even more! She gets this cute foot thing going and she try’s to snap her fingers–cutest thing ever!

I’m sure I’ve missed so much, but here are some of her 10 month pics!






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