A Really Great and Healthy Dinner

I’ve been trying to post more recipes that I try and that I come up with! The latest one turned out great and was pretty healthy! And most of my meals are Nealia/baby friendly which helps us eat even healthier!

I made some wild caught salmon from Whole Foods with herbed goat cheese spread, lemon and lightly coated it with Panko. For sides, I did a veggie medley of zucchini, carrot and broccoli sautéed in grapesead oil and a little salt and pepper  and then added in some sundried tomato pesto from a jar! It was amazing and really spiced up the veggies. For the 2nd side because 1 is never enough haha, I did a take on smashed potatoes (many of you may have seen this super popular pin on Pinterest?) anyways, I did the same thing, but with sweet potatoes! They turned out so crispy and yummy and were baked, so they were a really healthy alternative to a potato! I made an awesome AIoli made with veganaise (a vegan mayo alternative) and real honey and yellow mustard! It was a perfect pair for dipping the sweet potatoes in! Here is the recipe link for the one I used for the sweet potatoes and also some pics of the entire dinner process! 

Bon appetit! 





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