Lately things have been busy, per usual, but always entertaining with the little Nealy bug! The weather here has been awesome (except for today, it was cloudy and cold and was supposed to snow, but never did). I’ve been enjoying the balance of owning the salon and having more time with Nealy. I love having every other Monday and every Thursday with my leading lady! We are usually pretty busy catching up on house stuff or doing things for the salon, accounting or running errands, which I actually enjoy both! But we always find time to play or go on jogs and hang at the park! 

Nealia has been a walking machine lately and it’s been amazing to watch her become more and more fearless! This tiny little girl is a daredevil, yikes! She is not afraid to go for it and I’ve realized she probably got this from the both of us. Brandon and I are risk takers at heart both in life, activities and adventures, you name it and we’d probably try it! It’s been really great lately and life is good! Not every day is perfect, but most days have some form of perfection in them! No complaints here and Nealia sure seems pretty happy and that’s all that really matters these days! 

Here’s some pics of our life lately:





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