First Bday Party Planning for the Nealster! 

I cannot believe in almost 2 months my little bug will be a year old!! It just blows my mind how fast the time has flown by and Im amazed at how beautiful our little girl is inside and out! She has the sweetest funniest and charming little personality that just eats me up inside! 

Anyways, in anticipation with her big day coming up I’ve been plotting and planning the best little party for her! I’ve been going crazy on Pinterest the last few months creating her party board and inspiring myself to create a fun little boho birthday! There are so many amazing ideas I’ve found and I can’t wait to put them all together to create a sweet little party for our girl! Of course I want to just spoil her rotten and with summer approaching there are so many fun things I want to get her! I have a mile long list of things like a wagon, a mini pool, sandbox, a swingset, a beautiful handmade fabric doll, a play kitchen (Gigi wants to get her this), a water table, a mini chair, a bubble machine and seriously I could think of a million other things to spoil her with, but I really have to be sensible here! 

I have also found some cool teepees as well and can’t wait to get her one! She had a blast in her friend Pipers and it will also be adorable decor for the party and I envision her opening her gifts in it! 

Here are some cool images that have inspired her Boho style party! I’m excited to see how it turns out as I love this sort of stuff and love decorating and planning parties-which I don’t get to do very often!

And just found this cool image today, I would love to do this and hang it on her door!

Happy party planning to me! 


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