It’s Officially Spring! and we’ve been busy little bees lately! 

in celebration of spring and this amazing Colorado weather lately, we did a little photo shoot in our backyard. The lighting was perfect and Nealia was all smiles! I plan on doing actual professional photos before her first birthday, but wanted some for spring and easter, but can’t stand to spend the money! It is insanely expensive to get pictures taken! Anyways, I think our Iphone ones turned out pretty dang good and she was just adorable!! 

Here’s some of my favorites! 

We’ve also been jogging machines lately with this awesome weather! I’ve been trying to get into the habit of going on walk/jogs almost everyday! We love her jogging stroller it makes jogging easy and it actually adds a little resistance to my running which is helpful to build muscle back up! My goal was to be back in shape by her first Bday! I was very lucky to have lost all my baby weight pretty quickly after she was born and then some, but the last couple months my focus was to tone up and be strong again! I want to feel good and in shape like back in my soccer days (not sure if that’ll ever happen, but whatever). Nealia loves going on our jogs and is a speed demon haha! The faster I go, she squeals out with joy! And every time we see a dog she try’s to jump out of the stroller and claps her hands in excitement and yells dog, dog, dog!! It’s really cute! 

Here’s some pics from our little hike up at Redrocks yesterday! We had so much fun and I’m so happy we live so close to such an amazing and beautiful place! I feel blessed everyday for all the great things in my life! 

And then we had a post hike snack of fro yo for the first time! She loved it! We also had a little play date with baby Park and Andrew and played outside and in the sand-Nealia insisted on sampling the sand numerous times, she seemed to enjoy it haha! 

And our visit to the children’s museum! We spent a couple hours Thursday at the children’s museum and Nealia loved it! I love having a mid day week off to hang with the nugget and can’t wait to enjoy that time this summer with her! Anyways, the museum was pretty cool and as soon as she can full on walk she is going to love it even more! It was a perfect thing to do on a cloudy day. We did a lot of exploring and interacted with all sorts of different aged kiddos. A little boy grabbed Nealias face and pinched her cheeks and made her cry, but all and all it was a good time and we will go back! 

And last but not least Nealia has been very monkey see monkey do lately! She is really understanding how things work and function! Here’s a pic of her playing with her headbands and trying to put them on her head! She is so smart! She does this with hats and sunglasses too! She also loves giving high fives and it’s so fun to see her excitement! 


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