4 More Teeth and a Drunk Walker on our Hands!

A couple weeks ago Nealia took Some real actual steps! It was amazing to see our tiny 9 month old becoming even more of a human! She’s really trying to walk now and cruises so fast along furniture that it’s scary! At some points she’ll try to run to me, of course this doesn’t always turn out to be good haha! She looks like a little drunk mini person! It’s pretty awesome and adorable and I can’t believe we’ve already reached this milestone! Where does the time go? 

She also is getting 4, yes 4 teeth up top! It’s crazy and she’s managing way better than I imagined. She did really good with the first round of the bottom 2 teeth, so I had high hopes with the rest. She slept not so great when we were in The mountains because we had to sleep in the same room as her. This never works out good, she wakes up and smells us in the room and wants to snuggle us in the bed, which of course is adorable and endearing but gets old pretty quick! Once we got back home she went back to her usual bedtime routine of sleeping a good solid 9 or 10 hours straight. But last night she woke up at 3am and refused to be put back in her crib. So, we took turns rocking her and finally she fell asleep and I gently put her in her crib…2 seconds later she was wide awake and crying so I just let her fuss and she put herself back to sleep while snuggled her Coco dolly. (An adorable little Corole doll from her MeeMaw Patty) she just loves that baby! 

Hopefully, she’ll stay asleep tonight and every night until she is in highschool haha! Fat chance but overall she’s a good sleeper so I shouldn’t complain!

Here’s some cute pics of her lately! I have a couple videos of her walking but they dont upload good on the blog, I have to create a you tube channel and link them. One day I will eventually do it! 

In her cute mexican señorita dress from Mexico from Aunty Brooke!

Hanging out with her little friend Piper in her cool tee pee tent! She got to go there for 2 days when our nanny was out of town! we are def getting her a cool tee pee for her first Bday! She loved it! 

Just eating her sprouted wheat cinnamon toast with almond butter and wearing her Phish onesie!  (She was just as excited to hear that Phish was going to be at alpine valley) 

Our beautiful weekend in the mountains! Nealia’s first word is dog and she now thinks she is one haha! She likes to put toys in her mouth hands free and walk and crawl around! It’s pretty darn cute! 


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